Chinese Course Review

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PROS / User-friendly and organized website.

CONS / Limited learning tools available and customer support is limited.

VERDICT / More of a complimentary learning site, so customers should consider other sites first.

Chinese Course has a user-friendly website that is clean and organized, offering the information you need and the sign-up form directly in front of you on the first page. The links on the page are quite helpful and make it easy to see where you should go. Information and maneuverability through the website is important so you can determine right away whether you’d like to choose this company or another to learn Chinese through.


Individuals have access to words, phrases, sentences and other information available on the site for free. This includes MP3 audio files if needed, to completely understand the pronunciation of each word and sentence. There are different levels of learning – whether you simply need to brush up on your Chinese or you don’t know a single word of Chinese. There is also the ability to communicate with others who are learning Chinese as well.

Learning Tools

The site is very limited as far as learning tools go, offering MP3 audio, online tests and quizzes and flash cards. However, the site is free so it’s more than you’d expect from other free sites. Still, it seems that if you’re serious about learning fully fluent Chinese, another company would be the way to go.

Pricing Options

With Chinese Course, there is a free option, so you can literally learn Chinese without paying if you so choose. However, in order to access unique benefits from the site, you’d need to upgrade your membership. For instance, for individuals who want to learn for free, the phrases are available directly on the website. However, it may prove more difficult to learn this way, as there is no interaction between you and a tutor or instructor and the learning is visual rather than auditory – the learning is very linear. It’s also difficult to tell what you get when you sign up for the premium account.

Help & Support

There is an online community forum available with Chinese Course, where you can interact with other students who are learning Chinese, and voice your opinions or get answers to questions you may have. In addition to that, you have the ability to email the company with questions, but that’s about it. There is no phone number available to contact the company with and no FAQ set up to easily receive the answers to your questions. Chinese Course is very limited and doesn’t offer the kind of support you’d like to see in an online language learning company.


Chinese Course seems more like a website you’d use to supplement your Chinese learning from another company. If you’re interested in learning full, fluent Chinese, this site may not be right for you. However, for a free company offering a number of sentences, words and phrases as well as a few tools and resources, there is something to be said for the value of the site. Research many before choosing, though.